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November 01, 2004


This fauning "interview" is a disgrace. Judge Wardlaw "met cute" with Bill Wardlaw when he was married to his first wife. She flattered other male partners at O'Melveny. After Bill's first marriage broke up, she married Bill, who already was very involved in Democratic party politics and well on his way to making a small fortune. THIS is where "her" political connections come from and where she gets the wherewithal to dress so well and hire decorators to furnish her homes and chambers (I'd venture the "free" decorating services for her chambers were not offered to other judges, female or male, who are nor so well-connected politically or as wealthy as Judge Wardlaw.)

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Ok, i"m not in politics and I'm not in law, but its good to see someone who seems to be shooting fairly straight. Keep up the good work.

Sandy Hausler

You are going head to head with Howard Bashman's 20 Questions series. Good luck.

Federalist No. 84

A3G - Thanks for this wonderful interview. Very enlightening. Do you tire of your fans' complimenting you?

What I will say about Judge Wardlaw is this: When I open up a slip opinion and see that she is its author, I know that justice has prevailed. Now, if only she would join her colleagues in the federalism revolution (Cf. U.S. v. Stewart, U.S. v. McCoy, and Raich v. Ashcroft)....After all, what can be more just than preventing the government - under our perverted dual sovereignty theory of double jeopardy - from being able to twice attack a criminal defendant? And what better way to reform federal sentencing than to remind Congress that the commerce power is not a police power? After all, keeping Congress away from most crimes will prevent citizens from being subjected to the unconstitutional and unfair Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

But I digress - this is your soap box - not mine!

Good work!

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