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November 23, 2004


William R. Barker

Dear Judge Posner and Judge Kozinski:

I just came across your site via a link from Andrew Sullivan's website. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

I'm neither a lawyer, law student, nor paralegal. My academic background is political science and international affairs.

If I were a law professor, my first assignment to an entering constitutional law class would be:

Identify and comment upon five U.S. Supreme Court majority ruling which clearly violate the text of the Constitution of the United States and the reasonably derived original intent of the signers of that document or writers of succeeding constitutional amendments.


William R. Barker
Harriman, NY

Federalist No. 84

Please note that Judge Posner will also be guest blogging at the Leiter Reports. ( http://webapp.utexas.edu/blogs/bleiter/archives/002413.html#002413 ) ("Reminder: Judge Richard Posner [ ]will be here the last week of December.")

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