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November 19, 2004


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You're mitt tim, she's a lousy jurist, not actual sunny but knows how to price the system. She got where she is with (in my judgment )equivocal semipolitical appointments. I don't experience around tap saltation but she did pass a lot of minute differentiation show on her tiffin detach in the coutroom with the clerks and Marshals.
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Anyone who says she's a "complete idiot", "lousy judge" or "not real bright" is kidding themselves (or sour grapes for losing a case to her or in her court). As someone who has tried cases against her and argued in her court, I assure you, Judge Callahan is very intelligent woman and a very fair judge. Her personality may be a bit much for some people, but it doesn't affect her fine work as a prosecutor or as a judge.

Judge Callahan would make an excellent Supreme Court Justice as she INTERPRETS the law, rather than trying to create it, unlike most members of the Ninth Circuit Kangaroo Court who try to legislate from the bench. She would be a staunch defender of the Constitution and doesn't rely on obscure precedents to try and shape the law.

George Robinson

You're right tim, she's a lousy judge, not real bright but knows how to manipulate the system. She got where she is with (in my opinion )questionable political appointments. I don't know about tap dancing but she did spend a lot of time line dancing on her lunch break in the coutroom with the clerks and Marshals.


great post!

I have met Judge Callahan and she is incredibly bright, funny, and very nice. How refreshing!

i note the strident tone that tim takes, yet he didn't have the sack to leave a real email address...


she's also a complete idiot, widely viewed as the stupidest judge on the Ninth Circuit (though she gets some competition from Rawlinson).

If you're going to nominate a Ninth Circuit conservative, how 'bout one who's actually a good judge? Like Kleinfeld or Kozinski?

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