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October 13, 2004


Article III Groupie

2CLS and 2CW, thanks for your very interesting comments! Here are A3G's thoughts.

2CLS: A3G was told--by multiple sources--that Judge Sotomayor is very nice in person (and your comment is completely consistent with that). But it would make perfect sense, in light of how far she has come, for Judge Sotomayor to be tough and street smart as well. Do you have any information to suggest that there's a judicial diva inside her waiting to get out, or that her meteoric rise through the judiciary has been achieved through Machiavellian scheming?

2CW: In A3G's experience, a judge's demeanor on the bench can vary greatly from case to case. There are some judges who, while generally quite nice, can get snappish at oral argument when they feel like their questions aren't being answered, an advocate is taking a ridiculous position, etc. Would you say that Judge Sotomayor tough at oral argument as a general matter, or is she tough only when provoked? Also, would you describe her as tough to the point of being nasty to litigants?

2nd circuit law student

I've met Judge Sotomayer a couple of times and she is extremely nice, but I think you have to be pretty tough to go from the South Bronx to the youngest judge in the SDNY to the 2nd circuit (which has all of prestige of the D.C. circuit without all of the boring regulatory law).

2nd circuit watcher

A3G -- Have you seen Judge Sotomayor on the bench? Perhaps she's sweet in person, but she's certainly a "tough cookie" at oral argument.

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