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October 15, 2004


Daniel McShutty

My previous post did the job i hoped it would do. I must now point out that there was a false accusation within it (a capital sin in my religion, thus i must retract it-it was for the greater good though). I just wanted to point out that she never SAID she was a diva with a real estate fetish (although, lets face it SHE IS). I have run into some great judges, and amazing lawyers. She used to be one. Maybe she can be one again if she moves out of the VATICAN...kind of like how the Pope knows that to live in such luxury is an invitation to corruption. We all make out choices in life, and the next life depends on those we make here. Good luck SWEETIE.

Daniel McShutty

This web site needs to be updated. The distinguished judge made news when she personally notorized her now disgraced and disbarred attorney husband's retirement application. With demi-gods like Dlott on the bench, it is no mystery to me how the most corrupt amongst us have stolen Lady Liberty for themselves. Giving anyone absolute power or a lifetime of tenure as they do federal judges is a terrible mistake. Just look at this self described "diva with a real estate fetish." How disgusting. The term limits movement needs to pick up the pace or this country will become the worlds worst nightmare. Dlott should be the poster child for the reason this country needs to terminate lifetime tenure. Im grossed out everytime I have to address her as "your Honor" because I do not see any in her soul.


Well readers, I have had the privilege of meeting this quite unfair woman. She should NOT be a judge. Not only did she disrespect my entire family, she disrespected poor innocent children as well. If you would like to know more of our experience look for my future book. It will be in the hands of all news media & law officials EVERYWHERE!!! God bless America and hopefully you don't end up in her 3 ring circus.


"it takes a lot of guts to go from your private practice to a $158,000 salary" - you make me laugh. If the money means that much to them they should stay in private practice. If public schools are not good enough for them and their children, I have no sympathy for them. They can send their kids to private school - but they should expect to have less money as a result.

The complaining about federal judicial salaries is obnoxious. They live very well.

Brian Siegel

Great information and passion in your article. I saw that house on the mls when it was for sale, and remember the buzz that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick were interested and possibly going to pursue the buy!

Brian Siegel


Omg, their house is georgous.... i live in a 2/3 story house in Toorak- St Georges Rd. yeah well.... i used to live in the Eureka building but then we sold it because it was too small:(:( Got to go...
talk later internetiens hehe


As a former member of Stan's firm, the dog story is in fact true.


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Article III Groupie

Thanks for your comments!

Judge's Kid, your points re: the financial sacrifices involved in taking the federal bench are well-taken. And I'm thrilled to have a federal judicial relative such as yourself as a reader. I can't help wondering: "Who's your Daddy?"

Article IV Slut, I don't know enough to opine on the story about the dogs, but don't get me wrong about Judge Dlott's spectacular residence. I think it's just great that she is living so large. As anyone who has looked inside my closets can attest, I ain't no communist!


judge's kid

darn, if only i'd known my dad was rich! then we could have gone to europe and iceland and afghanistan and antarctica on summer vacation! alright, i'm joking. i get that some judges do have tons o' cash prior to taking the bench, but that's hardly the norm. i also know that you weren't saying all judges had the bucks. sure, many judges are "comfortable" (meaning upper-middle to uberrich), but many just try to make it by on their judicial salary, especially if they spend all their pre-robed dough on their kids' education, which is what my dad did. it takes quite a lot of money to send your children to private school for 12 years and then on to higher education.

most rich judges come from areas of the country where a top attorney makes millions. then there are those top attorneys who live in areas where not even the best of the best make millions. it just doesn't happen. it takes a lot of guts to go from your private practice to a $158,000 salary, knowing that what you earned beforehand would be gone within a matter of years because it all goes to supporting the family. all the restrictions put on judges/money keeps hard-working non-uberrich judges in a tiny box of modest means.

i know the lifestyles of the rich and robed is kind of fascinating, but not nearly as fascinating as the judges who love the job so much that they take it knowing it would mean giving up so much of what they've managed to earn over the course of their legal careers.


I don't think the story about the dogs is credible. All of the views come from people who lost their lawsuit, and think that there is something wrong with a judge disagreeing with a party. When this fails, they trash the judge rather than trying to clean up their act, they just make stuff up. You will note that they did not say what happened to: 1) a recusal motion; or 2) during any appellate litigation.

Criminal defendants often boast that their lawyer “knows the judge.” Big deal, honey. Most lawyers know a handful of judges. In fact, most AUSAs know ALL the judges. It doesn’t matter. The defendants, if convicted, still go to jail.

The house part is credible, but in my country (USA) if we have the money we get to buy expensive houses.

Art. IV §lut

PS: No, I am not her clerk. In fact, she sent me a rejection letter.

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