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September 20, 2004


Baby Gifts

Oh my, I never thought to go searching around on Amazon.com for the wish lists of federal judges! I wonder what other lists I could find on there? Now you’ve given me an entirely new way to waste time. Anyway, again, wonderfully written article that’s incredibly entertaining and informative. And I know you’re just joking about taking gifts to a clerkship interview, but I know some law students who would do that and more just to get a great job or experience. I even told one of my friends about your idea, and her eyes lit up…I don’t really think she would do it, but I think she did seriously consider it! I also love the wish list of Kim Wardlaw – I bet it would be just as fun to find normal people with the same name as politicians and see how their wish lists match up!

Baby Gifts

The wish list for federal judges that you have compiled is one of the funniest things that I have read in a long time. I never would have thought of getting a federal judge that has everything a book on Oprah’s book club. Or maybe I should look into getting a judicial robe accessory that would serve to compliment even the stodgiest judge’s complexion and eye color. I, personally, wish that judges here did still wear those long, curly wigs that they used to wear back in the seventeen hundreds, that would be quite a kick. I once knew a woman who did give a gift to a judge, it was a lead gavel that she either made herself of had made for her. I don’t know what he thought of the gift, I never asked, but it did make me wonder what I would get as a present for a federal judge. And now, I have a few answers to that question, and obviously a lot of the answers involve odd things.

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