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August 11, 2004


Dismayed Reader

This is a bitter and desperate piece of slander written to assuage the writer's own ego. Lat has clearly never interacted with Guido personally but loves to hurl assaults from distance based on distorted hearsay. The pettiness that saturates every sentence nullifies any entertainment value the piece purports to provide. Why take punches at a kind, well-known professor who has 40 years more life experience than you and who has committed no other fault other than to be brilliantly successful in all the ways that you have not?

Jamie Flower

Hey, A3G-- Get a life! -jwf

Anon Y. Mouse

I gather this means that A3G went to Yale? Otherwise, I can't imagine she would care.

Also, doesn't the alleged tragedy of Judge Calabresi show that maybe being a federal judge isn't so great after all?

2nd Circuit Groupie

I know Guido is bigger than life, so he makes easy writing. But I want to know more about all those judges we never hear about. Tell me about Straub! And Katzmann! And Sotomayor! I await your next 2nd Circuit installment eagerly.

YLS grad

Having had the pleasure of being Judge Calabresi's student and coworker, the above post is far far too harsh on Judge Calabresi. His healthy ego is often exaggerated (with a wink) by the judge himself for comic effect. He loves being a judge, and from accounts of his clerks, works tirelessly to be the best judge he can be. He has been very supportive of Dean Koh. He's a religious, charming, active and generous man, who reaches out to diverse YLS students, students of color, students from state schools, international students -- he's a truly great professor. Furthermore, NO professor of introductory courses at YLS teaches law, they all teach "whatever captures their interest." This may be regrettable, but it is an institutional, rather than personal flaw.

PS: you can learn law at Yale, if you want. The clinical program and "practical" professors ensure that enough YLS grads can actually practice that most of them do. The academics are part of the school's tradition, and one of which it is proud, but definitely not the sum total.


wow. 5000 words. at least 4500 of them were well worth reading. i go to a 2nd teir law school. that's why i write so bad and can't. punctuate right.

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