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July 01, 2004


F.W. Da Clerk

I was present when the alleged "GuidoGate" speech occurred. Honestly, I thought it was rather innocuous. Big Guido's point was simply that other leaders had come to power by illegitimate decisions of legitimate bodies, and that he saw Bush v. Gore as another example. In this sense, his speech noted that it's possible to see the decision as illegitimate, yet to still see the Supreme Court as a perfectly legitmate institution, both pre- and post-Bush v. Gore.

The scandal, I suppose, comes from the fact that the other world leaders he cited were none other than Hitler and Mussolini. However, he clearly disclaimed any substantive comparison between Dubya on one hand and Mussolini & Hitler on the other.

I'd be much more interested in learning about whether Guido prefers his pasta al dente or owns any boxer shorts resembling the Italian flag than I would hearing more about GuidoGate.

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