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July 02, 2004


Strictly for tha FRCP

Judge K gets my vote. Ain't nothing more attractive than a man with confidence, and his self-nomination (and tonsil-removing kiss on The Dating Game) show that Judge Kozinski has it in spades.


Judge Kozinski's victory is all the more remarkable when you consider the indisputable worthiness of his adversary -- bachelor #1 is Squiggy!


Someone should tell Kozinski he is a fat, ugly old loser. What a moron! This only makes him look like even more of a dweeb!

Crime & Federalism

Judge Kozinski was a pimp! The girl who picked him from the dating game was hot. Now I can see that Judge Kozinski was not joking when, in his interview with Legal Affairs, he says that he almost failed out of law school because he was too busy chasing girls. Article III Groupie, you are a purveyor of truth.

Federalist No. 84

Your blog is the SHIZ NIT. It is my favorite blog. Hell, I prefer it to my own!

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