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July 21, 2004


Hot Guy!

Jay Alexander

Although always interesting, much of this blog is rediculous and sounds like Lyndon Larouche.

Federal Judicial Fan

I have met him in person, and I have to say: John Roberts is one sexy judge! I hope he gets confirmed to the Supreme Court.


If these people are so cool, why do they abuse their law clerks?


You write: "A good sense of humor, a humble recognition of one's own imperfections, and a generous spirit. What more can one ask for in a Superhottie?"

Um...how about actually being hot? Kozinski, although perhaps brilliant in the I-will-never-agree-with-him-but-he-gets-credit-for-trying way, is an old, pudgy slob with bad hair. I enjoyed his submission as much as the next guy, and I understand how he may be a likeable person (although it boggles the mind how he can work his clerks like slaves and gain their lifelong admiration), but c'mon, people -- this is a hottness contest. Give him Mr. Congeniality if you want, but be honest with yourselves when you vote next time.

Justice is blind, and so are 61.5% of you.

Howard Silverman

We all knew how good Alex was, now the world knows it!

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