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July 07, 2004



Does anyone else suspect that the blonde on Kozinski's arm (pictured above) is A3G herself? We all know she adores him; she pays the pictured lady quite a compliment on her looks; and she gratuitously invites us to speculate and "rumor-monger" about the identity of Koz's hugger. Could the reason A3G loves Judge K so much be that he a) gave her a feeder clerkship and b) let himself be pictured with her on his neck? Just a thought...


It's spelled Terri Schiavo, not Terry Schiavo. Makes it clearer that she is a woman, like Judge Frank Hull.

nameless reader

Female hottie #3, Judge Frank M. Hull, was on the Eleventh Circuit panel that just issued a decision in the Terry Schiavo case.

The per curiam opinion was on behalf of Judge Hull and Judge Edward E. Carnes. Judge Hull is a Clinton appointee. Judge Carnes is a Bush I appointee. Judge Charles R. Wilson, a Clinton appointee, dissented.

A3G, have any scoops for us about Judge Hull, Judge Carnes, or Judge Wilson? And what's the 411 on Judge James D. Whittemore, the trial judge on the case?

Larry Johnson

Check out this district judge in North Dakota. Karen Kosanda Braaten

Larry Johnson

Check out this district judge in North Dakota. Karen Kosanda Braaten

Rufus T. Firefly

I can't believe you left out Judge Freda Wolfson from the District of New Jersey. In the mid 1990s I was involved in some RTC litigation. At the time, Freda was still a Magistrate (she was elevated to District Court Judge a few years ago) the in-house lawyer for the RTC took the train up from Washington to Trenton just to, as he put it, "meet the hot judge with the great legs." A terrible omission on your part.


I'm from Chicago. Put me down for three votes for Wood and one for St. Eve.


wow..this site is so straight out of someone's asshole it's featured in Newsweek

Judge Yvette Kane's (MD PA)name is conspicuously absent. She's as good looking as she is a great golfer. The country club and judiciary are better off with her!


I vote for Sykes and Sutton. Wood is washed up -- not mine, of course -- I'm referring to Kimba. Sykes is soooo hot. Love to touch the heiney...

The Federalist Papers

To all yall who be talkin shiz about da groupie, all i gots to say to yall punk beeoches is playa hata! getz back to workin on yas phd! beeoch!


Yes, that's why we love her. Oh, and A3G? Congrats on the Newsweek mention.


Does anybody else think this woman is insane?


Kimba Wood gets my vote....not for her looks but for her porn star name.

Who knew that Judge "Russ" Easterbrook would be so jealous?


You've got to be kidding me! You must be a pervert, getting turned on by 80 year old men.

Honey, I can't tell if you are more sick than you are stupid or more stupid than you are sick.


I want to vote for a super hottie. where do I do that?

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