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June 14, 2004


NYU Lawyer

Regarding Luttig, are you sure you have Thomas's clerks right? I was certain he'd hired Larry Thomson (son of former Dep. AG Larry Thomson), a 2003 Luttig clerk.

Carolyn Elefant

Your post was hilarious and I'm sure that both bride and groom are good, smart people so I don't mean to denigrate them with what I'm about to say. Truth is, the only place that Supreme Court clerks get the type of veneration that you describe is within the legal profession, specifically, that segment that subscribes to American Lawyer and awaits, eagerly, the publication of AmLaw Top 100. Truth is, in the real world, the public's never heard of any of these people - but they sure do know Mark Geragos or Johnnie Cochran and as I far as I know, those guys didn't even graduate from a top 20 law school (let alone serve on law review, go on to clerk and all that...)


I went to law school with Steve Engel, and he is indeed a nice guy. Someone's got to clerk for the Court. I do agree that the veneration the outside world heaps on clerks is excessive--anyone who gets several interviews is probably just as smart and talented and a bit less lucky--but it's not the clerks' fault. I'd love to see more couple profiles.

Great Unwashed # 2,453,729

Your post is so full of truth. Hilarious.


The Elect are likely boring in bed.

 a fellow bitter member of the great unwashed

Unlikely that they'll be spawning more little legal geniuses, because of regression to the mean. But then, with all those connections, their mediocre offspring are likely to be treated like legal geniuses and handed great opportunities on silver platters regardless of their actual abilities.

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