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Article III Groupie is a federal judicial starf**ker.


Article III Groupie ("A3G") graduated from an Ivy League college in the mid-1990s and a top five law school in the late-1990s, with nearly perfect transcripts at both institutions. During law school, she served on the board of the law review, and after graduation, she clerked for a highly respected federal appeals court judge. She had multiple Supreme Court clerkship interviews, but they ended in tragedy (i.e., with her not getting a job with the Supremes).

Article Three Groupie then went to work for a large law firm in a major city, where she now toils in obscurity. During her free time, she consoles herself through the overconsumption of luxury goods. Her goal in life is to become a federal judicial diva.

Article 3 Groupie depends on you, her loyal readers and correspondents, for scrumptious tidbits of news and gossip about federal judges. Please e-mail her with the inside scoop!

Pursuant to A3G's standard e-mail policy, anything that you email to her may be published in "Underneath Their Robes" ("UTR"), but on an anonymous basis. If A3G would like to attribute anything to you by name, she will obtain your consent prior to doing so. She is grateful for (almost) all reader correspondence, and she apologizes in advance for not being able to respond to every email message that she receives.


us weekly, this weblog, gossip, "underneath their robes" ("utr"), reflects article iii groupie's interest in, and obsession with, the federal judiciary. utr is a combination of people, page six, the national enquirer, and tigerbeat, focused not on vacuous movie stars or fatuous teen idols, but on federal judges. article iii judges are legal celebrities, the "rock stars" of the legal profession's upper echelons. this weblog is a source of news, and colorful commentary about these judicial superstars!