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February 22, 2006


Mary K. Day-Petrano

I think Justice Ginsberg was brushing a ladybug off Justice Alito's robe, but pray tell -- why? Ladybugs are lucky creatures.

Mary K. Day-Petrano

I think Justice Ginsberg was brushing a ladybug off Justice Alito's robe, but pray tell -- why? Ladybugs are lucky creatures.


I wonder if UTR has any more info on interactions between the Supremes. Is Ginsburg the "Supreme Mom"? Does everyone look to Roberts or Mr. Senority Stevens?


If I hear one more complaint about how often this site links to Wonkette, I swear I'll . . . continue to post annoying complaints about how often people complain about how often this site links to Wonkette.

Still a UTR Fan, But...

I think the real problem is not a decrease in the quality or quantity of A3G's posts (which is admitted by A3G, and exaggerated by commenters). I think it's just that the air of mystery is gone -- and that's not something that can be recovered.

So we need to accept the new UTR on its own terms. It will never be "the same as it was"; but, as blogs go, it's still pretty darn good.

Anonymous Bitch

The Wonkette reference was just a "hat tip" -- or the UTR equivalent, a "gavel bang" -- which A3G would have given to Howard Bashman, Orin Kerr, or whoever alerted her to the photo. Wonkette is getting no more or less favorable treatment than How Appealing, the Volokh Conspiracy, or any other similarly situated blog. Nobody is forcing you to read anything, and nobody is preventing you from starting your own blog about judges.

A3G has entertained us, through the expenditure of much time and energy (and Typepad fees), for almost two years. She earns no ad revenue from UTR, and she doesn't even have a tip jar.

If you want A3G to post more frequently, send her a big fat check and make it worth her while -- or send a letter to some legal news company and encourage them to buy out UTR, so A3G can blog here for a living. Otherwise, don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

Loyal Cinci Correspondent

Oh puuhleeese. Who cares about the similarities to Wonkette! Everyone who reads this blog reads Wonkette anyway. If you've already seen an entry before, skip it.

And what with the entitlement sentiment? You a paying customer?


This is really pathetic. Again, why continue this blog if it's just going to be an extension of Wonkette?

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