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January 23, 2006


Key Observer

The commentor who bashes the judge in this post is an unhappy person who we must pray to be happy and not to bash article 3 heroes. Okay, K., we all luv ya, girl. Chill.

Dave Sheldon

I would place money that the jurist behind description #2 is Marsha Berzon of the 9th Circuit.


Censorship is in vogue, it seems! First Google, now A3G. Your "correspondent" has "powerful friends," it seems.


Having attended the lunch mentioned in item #2, I'd like to assure all and sundry that the incident was overblown. Indeed, the night before, along with another student, I had a drink with the judge at an on-campus restaurant. She was quiet, but charming. Perhaps your correspondent needs to relax.

Maureen Mahoney

Those errors were far from 'insignificant.' I can't help it if I'm smarter than everyone else.


Am I correct in assuming that the Judge from #1 is mentioned in the subsequent post? ;)


Am I correct in assuming that the Judge from #1 is one of those mentioned in a subsequent post?

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