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November 04, 2005



I thought it was nice that RBG gave a shout-out to my country, by her noting that 4 out of 9 justices on the Canadian Supreme Court are women (including the Chief). Unfortunately, none of them have seen fit to correct the fashion disasters that are their robes. Seriously, they look like a bunch of rejected mall santas.


A3G, dear,

No need to apologize for not blogging more. How could you be remiss in your blogging duties when you've posted lengthy pieces nearly every day since Alito was nominated? Don't be too hard on yourself. We know that the work-life-blog balance is not easy to maintain.


hope A3G will be sure to note - whilst catching up on her current events -- that Alito's nomination is a NON-event. (What? SHOCKING! Bush appointed a CONSERVATIVE judge? What I really wanna know is if Miers was "the best qualifed person for the job" per Bush -- what does that make Alito? 2nd to Miers?)

Too many other REAL news events happening in the world:

- Scooter Libby pleads innocent while Whitehouse dumps him... (what grown man goes by the name "Scooter" I'd like to know? Who's his brother? "Kip"?)
- Karl "Turdblossom" Rove tipped thru WaPo to move-on from the org...
- Cheney's recipes and torture hints revealed
- Secret U.S. gulag found in former Warsaw Pact countries

What's that you say? News not about the federal judiciary you say? Hmmm. Surely these events will END UP before federal judges won't they?
Well alright then, maybe just a Senate investigation...

Roberts is their Circuit Justice.

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