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October 03, 2005


Withdraw Harriet Miers!!!

Hey, maybe we can get a petition going in favor of withdrawal of the Harriet Miers nomination. C'mon, guys, let's get a chant going: "Withdraw Harriet Miers! Withdraw Harriet Miers! Withdraw Harriet Miers!"

If she is a classy person, Harriet Miers will withdraw her own name, without anyone having to put pressure on the White House to do so.

Does anyone else feel the need for another "in defense of mediocrity" speech...

A Skeptic

Come on, A3G, get real: Would YOU have turned down a Supreme Court nomination?

So, when do the rumours about her sexuality begin: a single, childless, sixty-years old woman. I no little about her, or her sexuality (though, if she were gay, my views about her might become a bit more positive).

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