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September 30, 2005


Eh Nonymous

You don't mean "getting your gavel banged"?

Or possibly, "Reviewing the other side's briefs"?

Or, (children please cover your ears) "cross eggs - I'm in!"

Or "going through the motions" - which is at least a pun, and possibly a double

Or "making a billable quota"

Or "swaying the panel"

Or "penning a scathing dissent" - looks like I've completely abandoned the theme, and just started thinking of my favorite legally themed phrases.

The first several of the above naughty puns stolen directly from Spider Robinson's _Lady Slings the Booze_.

It's because of Linda Greenhouse's legendary "seduction" of Justice Kennedy, which conservatives blame for many AMK decisions that they don't like. But I agree that Nina Totenberg is much more of a "babe" than Linda Greenhouse. When it comes to SCOTUS correspondents, Nina T. is my hottie of choice!


Why is Linda Greenhouse the Femme Fatale of One First Street? I think it should be Nina Totenberg. Apparently, the late William Rehnquist paid a lot attention to her and even sent her a note inquiring if she was enjoying her gum.

Article III Groupie

Answer: "Banging Your Own Gavel"!

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