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September 16, 2005



Thank you so much for the link to The Clerkhsip Notification blog!


Supreme Court briefs of his have been praised by Mike Cernovich, Doug Berman, Orin Kerr, and Jonathan H. Adler, among others.

If ever there was an odd man out, then I'm the odd man in this list. But thanks for the link!


Find out which judges are making calls, scheduling interviews and hiring at the Clerkship Notification Blog. This blog appeared out of nowhere on Thursday. And it's so much more helpful than the notoriously un-informative Greedy Clerks board or even the prior reigning online resource for clerkships (judicialclerkships.com). Message boards are out. Blogs are in. I only wish I'd thought of it ...


Oh, and here's another interesting tidbit. Kevin and I were fraternity brothers at Samford University (Sigma Chi).

BTW, Newsom lives up to the hype. He is wicked brilliant (i.e., in the John Roberts mold). The nice thing is that he is extremely humble (also like Roberts). There is no doubt in my mind that Newsom will one day grace the Supreme Court with his presence.


In about 10-15 years, he'll be Justice Kevin Newsom.

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