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April 19, 2005


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» Markel on Garrow's Blackmun Bombshell from PrawfsBlawg
Emory historian David Garrow's piece in the current issue of Legal Affairs is a bombshell-- so much so that former SG and Wilmer honcho Seth Waxman, who is chair (but not editor in chief) of Legal Affairs, published a response in the very same issue, c... [Read More]

» Chief Justice Rehnquist Hires Clerks For October 2005 Term from ACSBlog: The Blog of the American Constitution Society
Despite speculation that Chief Justice Rehnquist's retirement is imminent, Underneath Their Robes reports that The Chief Justice has hired three clerks for the upcoming term.... [Read More]

» Rehnquist Not Retiring? from Dispatches from the Culture Wars
Virtually everyone, me included, has assumed that Chief Justice Rehnquist would be retiring at the end of this term due to his ongoing health problems and advanced age. But is that true? One court-watching blog is reporting that Rehnquist has... [Read More]

» [Jason Samuel] Why Alberto Gonzales is a bad choice, no matter right or left. from De Novo
William Kristol wrote a piece for the Weekly Standard, which appeared on their website today. (HT: How Appealing). I often find myself agreeing with Bill Kristol, and here is no exception. In this remarkably short piece Kristol suggests that we... [Read More]


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