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March 28, 2005


The appointed, not anointed comment is referenced in this recent 5th Cir. opinion:


Aspiring Partner

Agreed; good point.

If anyone is to blame, is the crass law firm partner who would speak that way in mixed company, particularly to a senior citizen. I mean, Jesus, doesn't this guy have any class at all? Statements like that are the result of either delusion (I can say what I want, where I want to whomever I want) or a drinking problem.

Amy Allen

Interesting post, as usual.

Aspiring Partner

I think it's fine (by gossip column standards, low as they are). That story has already made the rounds of the New York law firm "water cooler" circuit, with names included.

The dinner was attended by lots of people. If anyone deserves blame, it's the people at the dinner who blabbed about it to their friends.

Ella van Wainwright

I know who the vulgar law partner is too, as many readers probably do (and I didn't clerk for either of the two judges involved). I think the characters in that one are far too easily identified and it's not appropriate post fodder, particularly because the comment was made at a private dinner.

i actually think i know who the drunk and vulgar law partner is. but i will keep my mouth shut.

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