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December 28, 2004



By "many of whom," do you mean one?


Three Circuit Court Judges? All I know is that Pepperdine got Al Gonzales, a 9th Circuit Judge and a New York high court Justice last year (I know, I know, ghetto). I may not be an A3G, but Yale's panel didn't include any big stars (was Posner, Easterbrook, Kozinski, Tatel, et al busy?).

There are 9 Supremes (many of whom are alumni, not that Thomas would get within 100 miles of New Haven) and one Yale, an Attorney General, a Solicitor General, and a number of other big names but one Yale. If I worked that hard to get to the finals, I'd have been disappointed.

Elect insider

She was eating Cheerios.

That lawyer dude

"Chief Judge King made several funny comments in defense of confusing Supreme Court precedents. And Cole asked more philosophical questions about the workability of different Establishment Clause standards."

So let me get this straight... Ole Judges King 'n Cole were making fun of the Claus just before Christmas... Thanks for the punny chuckle :)

another one

If you're REALLY going to do it right, it would be "SO'C" - she favors the apostrophe.

a member of the elect


If you want to use the proper insider terminology, Justice O'Connor's initials should be "SOC," not "SDO."

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