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October 27, 2004



Pre-Bachelor Program in Switzerland.

I am doing Pre-Bachelor Program from B.M.University in Switzerland. The program is meant for students who lack the necessary language skills to start the first-year bachelor program, the course enables them to improve their skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking.
Time duration: one to three terms (1 year) according to their result of the English Admission Exams that organized at the beginning of each intake, each term or quarter last 10 weeks and has at least 20-periods-a-week English class and 6 periods a week of French or German.

what shall be my next selection of degree, pls help me.

Supreme Lover

No one volunteers for this. A3G's whole point is that this time around, the contestants are nominated by others. I actually think it's an excellent idea, and I have two people I plan to nominate.


Dear lord I hope no one volunteers to participate and this dies an even quicker death.

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